Friday, January 18, 2008

assignment #14

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Monday, January 7, 2008

assisgnment #13

1.One principle that guides me is if you believe in something never give up and don't listen to negative comments because negativity causes pain in people's lives.
The other thing was that nothing is impossible to get in this world but that education can give you different experiences and can actually get you somewhere in this world and if you believe you can actually achieve and be a prominent member of the society at large.
people think money is everything but money is the devil that can break people apart if you are hopeful and no one is in your way anything can come true for anyone , basically just stay awawy from negative things and focus on what you want to do or be and let no one break any hopes and dreams that you have ,just take pride in what you do.
2.Iwould say that something that has impacted my life the past year would be that the fundraiser i did for darfur i knew there was something that was going on before i come to america but it took a toll on my life and i would campaign against the genocide and if i create more awareness people would actually care about it and do something and i know what people in those kind of situation feel and it has been an experience that my friends have lived through and experienced it.

3.The things i want to accomplish this year would be graduate from high schooll and god willing go to college where i want to study pharmacy and go back to the ailing continent of africa and help out the people would need it one day when i graduate from college and also all around the world. the other thing i would like to do before would just stay true to myself and work even harder in my studies at school because it is an opportunity that other people of age in other parts of the world don't have and it has been a great joy to get educated in America.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

asssisgnment 12

1. What was frustrating to me was how i had to write a conversation in each scene was kind of annoying and boring but it made sense because without an actual conversation the play would be boring.
The strenghs of these were that i learned how to write play and it was a great experience and the examples that you gave were helpful for me to write my first short play.
The surprises were that i never anticipated to write a play and made conflict which was exciting and it made sense for it blended in whatever i was writing.
Unpleasant part of it was change the most of the stuff and incorporated new idea that my friends gave ne which was good and fair.And yes i would be interested in writing a play.

2. I would like to write a personal fictional story simliar to miss tan and in a different way and just write things that inspired me to write the essay and it would be incorporated in the short essay that i write.
My ideas would be the experiences that i faced when coming to america and how it made my life change and just explaining it in amore detailed way but not writing every little thing for word.
Adnd just review or close caption how life is totally different and writing that through a flashback and making it real as if it were today and not something form the past, perhaps even end by asking questions which kind of summarizes the entire stories.
3. If in general i would advise a kid i would tell them not to give regardless of what other people say because in our world today we have alot of negativity which can/might get to someone in a bizzare way and the pain inflicted would be more harmful and shielding it would it would be a higher risk. Nowadays people regret the decisions they once made and they live with the regret for the rest of their lives, it is better to do what you want rather than fo something that you dislike. My advise would be in general the world it self , just make your own decisions and stick to it and don't be like a chamelion ( changes color) be yourself and act on it.Everyone accounts for his /her future and who has the respobility of what they do and should be done.

Monday, December 10, 2007

assisgnment #11

1. To have a theme is an important part of writing because you are not able to to express the lesson oe the message you are trying to convey in your short story or poems or plays.
having a theme enables the audience grasp the key idea that you as a writter is /or trying to emphasize. A great piece of literature has to have an idea that it expresses because without any idea/lesson/theme no one would try to emphsize, the audience may elaborate or hyporthisizebut may not have a clear or broad vision of it. but sometimes the writer may use descriptive langauge to emphasize their message and in that case we as audience members have to read between the lines to understand the message that is brought out. an example of a book that i read would be kite runner in which the author uses description during the scene where hassan is rapped "it was clear but people could interpret it another way and not as arape scene. my opinion i think the survive because most of the things the wrote about trully happened in their era and it also gives as an idea of writing ,what makes them survive would be great use of vivid langauge , description, they bring the concept of moral issues in which people might relate to , if we compare the author of today and the older ones i think the sales might be different in that the authors of today in that people don't easily buy a book because it 's a best seller ,they buy books of the message they are trying to reveal. another thing that is so different would be authors of this century try to bend the truth and the the lie about it e.g a million little pieces.
3.i would love to be "if i were i writer to be remembered through my writing and the great works that i have accomplished as a writer. being rememberesd as a great epic writer of my time and being a person that people look up to and they countinue with the journey that i have already started for them. without any impact you made on people's lives you cannot be redemned as writer but as a fake cold hearted person with a vengance. A great writer would have impact of people because they love and inspire to be the author who writes larvish and remarkable story or theme, they are many advantages to them.
~ people have fresh memory about the story
~people want to know what happens next(mistery or suspense, makes it worth while)as a writer i would definitely make a historical landmark like the great authors of time.

Monday, December 3, 2007

assisgnment #10

1.The thing that concerns me in the world and i would most likely see is that a person like me does not like violence , viloence errupts at different places in the world. What strikes me about that they always take a wrong turn without having any consensus or resolution to anything which may endup being chaotic , hateful and negativity , no postive comes out of it.

2. A person who i classify to be dynamic to me would be my sister, because she a unique sense of style which i admire and adore. Being youself is unique and comfortable to oneself , the way she acts with like an adult and how young she is just srikes of what kind of personality/ person she really is.

3.To me the best writing i have ever written would be a poem that i have done about darfur.This piece of writing has inspired me to look at different aspects in life because you might never know what is happening in the world until in strikes at home. I always never look down because the little thing you have tressure it for there are people who don't what you have .

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

happiness assignment

1.To me i definition happiness as being suitable for something or enjoying one's condition or being free or just being lucky. E.g happiness is what definitions people and if are not happy then you are the saddest person which is not good. Being happy gives a good mood and positiveness as well as friendship and love.
2. In my life i definition my happiness as fiendship ,laughter joy and freedom.what things determine my happiness are my parents ,my friends and working collegues and everybody in this whole wide world.If don't live in luxury i am still happy regardless because there is someone who is worse than what you have.I am happy whenever am with my loved ones or at school and everywhere.
3.The people who have the great influence in my happiness are God who is great , my family ,teachers and my friends they influence my life with positivity and iam thankful that they are in life because without them then i would be happy and sophisticated.
4. Of course it would be my family friends and teachers , yes because if i were to do something stupid it would impact everyone who is in my circle and they feel great disappointment in me and it would be a negative impact to there daily life because of the negative path that i took.
5. Be happy regardless of social status o r economic / financial mirage because thats not want definitions happy thats merely like a.000% of your life and the need of life is live happy and never regret.